The consortium leader and responsible for the integration of both hardware and software development of the monitoring system as well as the implementation of the solution.

Reference company in the private wireless communication sector in Portugal, with highly proven know-how in wireless communications and a wide network of partners and clients at national and international level. Wavecom is the project’s leader and will contribute in all activities, from preliminary studies to pilot’s installation, tests and trials. Wavecom will be mainly focused on the specification, development and testing of the probe monitoring solution.

Responsible for the software development related to the centralized system service component.

Ubiwhere is a Research and Innovation SME, based in Portugal, developing innovative and user-centred software solutions with a strong history in the Telecommunication sector. Ubiwhere will be the main responsible for the specification, development and testing of Widemonitor’s central service solution both backend and frontend components.

Responsible for the development of the reception system hardware (antenna and front-end RF).

The Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) has a long history in the development of radio communication solutions and measurement systems for emerging technologies. In this context, this project will foster the development of integrated solutions and transfer technology to business partners in order to leverage solutions developed by IT.